Project | 01
June 2020 along with my daughter, Fiona King, I hosted the Lift OFF Youth Art Show for the Beatnik Lounge.  I managed the GoFundMe account and created the poster for the show 
Project | 02

I've been a volunteer curator/hanger since Autumn of 2019 at the Beatnik Lounge, in Joshua Tree, CA.  When Covid19 hit I transitioned the physical gallery to a website and a more active social media presence.  From May 2020 I have collected, posted, and hosted the Beatnik shows.  I work with the Beatnik and the monthly hosts to pull a them together, create the online event, and gather artist.  I assist artist in submitting their work and trouble shoot issues that arise.  I host the online receptions for the gallery of aide the guest host in their vision and supply the files for the screen sharing.

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