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FaeryWing Designs


by Jessica King


Forever with Her Camera

A camera has been a toy, a friend, a tool ofself-expression, and a way of capturing my world for twenty-eight years.  My first memory of taking pictures is of the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics:  The torch bearer running along the parade route, quickly passing my line of sight as I clicked away.  My camera has always been with me on vacations and Summer Camp, documenting Nature's beauty, the smiling faces of new friends and capturing the moments that would develop into my youth and the woman I would become.  

I out grew my kiddie point-and-shoot camera.  Limited by the fixed lens I wanted more than a toy.  My parents encouraged all my artistic interests and happily handed down a Minolta 35mm.  With a few pointers and the instructions on the inside of a film carton, I was once again fixated by what I could capture on film.  As a form of self-expression and a sure fire way to cure teenage boredom, I would gather girlfriends in front of my camera.

To start my formal education on photography and fulfill high school elective requirements I joined the Yearbook Staff.  As Senior Staff Editor I took workshops and spent hours photographing students and staff.  

Being behind the camera wasnt my only artistic endeavor.  I went to California State University San Bernardino to study Fine Arts.  I worked for the Coyote Cronicle as a staff writer and photographer and recieved my BA in Fine Arts concentrating in Sculpture. 

I've been a professional photographer since 2000, when I flew to Indiana to photograph my older brother's 1st wedding.  Since then Ive traveled where I was needed; Oregon, San Diego, Los Angeles,  all around the Inland Empire, Catalina Island a couple times and back to Indiana.  


Jessica King was born, raised, and currently living in Sunny Southern CA.  She married her High school sweetheart Curtis. Her wonderful ten-year-old daughter Fiona Grace is the inspiration for Jessica's other artistic enterprises 

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"Capturing Magical Moments in time"

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